Start with hello week

  1. Write about a time you made an unexpected friend from a simple hello. Perhaps you weren’t planning or even trying to make a friend, but the two of you started talking and next thing you know you’d become great friends. Share how it made you feel to make a new friend, especially when you weren’t even trying.


    Start with hello week is really cool because you could make friends or talk to people you never thought you would. This week is an awesome way to start the year off because you can show kindness and love. Starting with hello could help someone or make them feel special. Sometimes you can make a friend by accident  or when helping each other out.


In the beginning of 7th grade year, I lost some of my friends that were putting me in a bad place and it was a group I shouldn’t talk to. So after I lost my friends I didn’t have anyone to sit with, but the same thing had happened with two other girls in the grade. They had lost their friends and had nobody to sit with so they asked if they could sit with me. It made me feel great to become so close with good friends I didn’t know that well. Now the two girls are still my best friends and we always build each other up instead of down. Start with hello week can bring people together and even help those who might be having a hard time, feel special.

Refugee reflection

Dear Alan Gratz,

This story helped me get a better understanding of refugees and immigrants because it shows what they go through and the reasons they leave. The book shows how the refugees react to these situations, how did you come up with them or their situations?

Another cool thing about this Each character has their own new personal side to the story which is one of my favorite things about the book. What made you think to make the story in all 3 perspectives. Each of the three stories has a completely different story and concept, which really helps readers get a grip on what it was like being a refugee or what it was like in those times. I think it would have been awful to be a refugee. They were treated completely different and rejected left and right. Sometimes even murdered and put in camps. What were your feelings writing on such a hard topic.

The stories all have extreme detail and a personal side to it. How did you know so much on this topic? Each of these topics were filled with so much emotion, that we could feel connected with the characters and the stories. This book was so cool because you get to personally know the characters, their families, and their stories. You grow with them while they face hard times and good times. What inspired you to write this book with such detail and emotion? This story was really cool to read and even informational to me and helped me understand he side of refugees more and their journeys.

Thank you, MJ Watts

The current season

Christmas is the jolliest time of year. Christmas is a time for joy and holiday traditions. There are many traditions that have an unrecognized history. Holiday traditions have so much history that we don’t realize today during the holidays like decorations.

There are so many different decorations and new meanings behind all of them . Christmas wreaths have been used for a long time. They have been used to keep away evil spirits and illness while symbolizing Jesus Christ. Christmas lights are used to remind us of the blessed night of Jesus’s birth. It also reminds us to bring lights to others . Green and red represents christmas but what do they mean? The green shows that winter is cold, dark, but the evergreen shows us winter doesn’t last forever. Red shows us the blood of Jesus Christ because he died for us.



Thanksgiving is a time to gather with family and recognize all you are thankful for. Im very thankful for many things life has given me. Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year and i love to reflect on what i’m grateful for. I’m very thankful to have an amazing family, friends, and education.

Something I am most thankful for is my family. I have 4 incredible sisters that I cant imagine my life without. I’m lucky to have such kind and caring siblings that I know love me. Next, i’m very thankful for my mom, through all of the obstacles life has thrown at us my mom has never given up and is the strongest person I know. My mom is always there for me and loves me through everything. Someone in my life that is extra special to me is my niece, Mariyah. My niece is the greatest gift in my life and i’m very lucky to have her. My nephew David is very special to me too and they both have a special place in my heart. They are like my personal best friends. Im very thankful for my grandparents because they always care for me. Lastly, I am very grateful for my two dogs for bringing so much joy and fun in my life. They create a fun and loving environment for me and my family.

I’m really grateful for my friends, middle school can be hard at times and its always great to have good friends by your side. Im thankful that I am able to hang out with my friends because I can always count on having a good laugh with them. Im very lucky to have such caring, loving, and amazing friends who bring me endless joy.

Lastly, I am thankful for my education. At Ashland Middle School I know I can feel safe and get the education that others might not be lucky enough to have. I always have amazing teacher who never fail to help and get me where I should be and for them I am very thankful.

Taking A Stand

Schools should encourage students to use refillable bottles instead of using disposable ones. This is a good idea because it could be healthier for our environment . Unlike refillable bottles, disposable bottles are unhealthy for our environment. For example, most water bottles end up in landfills or can be sent to china where they are not recycled but “down cycled” into rugs or mats. Which ends up meaning that more raw materials like crude oil is being used to create more plastic bottles. The oil extraction releases into some greenhouses causing climate change. Meanwhile plastics productions add even more toxins into the environment.

Another example on why we should not use disposable water bottles is that making plastic water bottles takes a ton of energy. Using refillable water bottles could mean that the amount of energy being used would go down and could be less harmful to the community.

Some claim that bottled water is a safe use of filtered water and can be portable and convenient. These things are all true. However, bottled water is one of the leading causes to global warming and is a definite danger to our environment. If we continue to use the same bottles they will end up in landfills or begin to get citizens sick from using the same bottles over again. That is why plastic water bottles are not safe to humans or to the environment.

Lastly, plastic water bottles are not just harming the environment, they are harming us. Laboratory test show that they have found chemicals in our bottled water. Humans should not be paying for water that has harmful chemicals in it. 38 different pollutants throughout 10 different water bottle brands. That is why plastic water bottles are not safe to humans or the environment and why we should switch to refillable water bottles.


Red Ribbon Week

Ashland city schools recognizes red ribbon week and reaches out to help.  For red ribbon week we all dress up as the theme. For example costume day to scare away drugs,  crazy socks to sock it to drugs , favorite team to team up against drugs, Twins day to double up against drugs , lastly simply wearing red. Tons of students dress up and have fun fighting such a hard cause.

We also bring speakers in to share how drugs have effected them or their family and why we should never do them.This year we brought a speaker in to share his experience with drugs after an injury. Speakers can really inspire student to stay clear from drugs. Different speakers come in each year sharing all different stories and experiences that can really help students.

Ashland students also pledge to stay away from drugs for awards. This year we signed float pledges to stay clear of drugs and every student who signed got a rootbeer float. Awards and activities can really encourage students to avoid drugs. Some students also share their stories about drugs or how they have effected them.

Although, many people dress up for red ribbon week it would be cool if everyone participated. Another thing we do is make posters. Students get together and make posters about drug prevention and hang them around school. They come up with cool sayings or facts that many might not know that are very important. Ashland takes red ribbon seriously and even helps students make the choice to stay away from drugs.